What makes Transparaid? Why are we involved in the implementation of this project?
An overarching purpose.
We all, if you put it easily, come from the business world, can market products, develop creative concepts and create complex software solutions, which we enjoy very much. At the same time there is another heart beating, which wants to give something back and combines exactly these strengths with the conviction to give people in need a little more hope...

We do not know all of the approximately 11 million NGOs and aid organizations that exist at present. However, we do know some of these organizations well: Jo has been working as a freelance photographer in the world's war & conflict zones since 2011. Over several assignments, as an "embedded journalist" for NATO or on his own initiative, he has so far mainly documented Afghanistan, the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, Iraq, Mali and Lebanon to search for positive aspects, for traces of hope. In the vast majority of cases, he succeeded. Somehow.


Transparaid exists to simplify aid for life in need.


Transparaid works on a future in which people around the world pursue a peaceful coexistence by taking care of life in need.


Transparaid reveals opportunities and necessities to those who want to give. With transparency and expertise we foster and cultivate a global network that incorporates organizations and projects that make a difference on the ground for living beings in need. Ultimately, we connect those who want to give with those who need to be given.



In addition to Transparaid, Paul is working on a software solution in which people can empower each other with their wealth of experience and their implicit knowledge. The principle: Giving is growth, because sustainable feeling of happiness and growth is mostly achieved as a result of giving - starting with the parents whose child is a source of happiness, the BSH manager, who supports the most helpless despite the danger, right up to the platform , which should give the helpers and thus the local people a little more hope. Sustainable concepts are those that create real and relevant added value for everyone involved.


The still young history of Transparaid is marked by Johannes, who initiated the implementation of the project. In addition to his leadership position at BSH, he travels to crisis areas during his holidays and captures the moments, people and stories for us. It is not about attention or adrenaline - it is a bigger thought - his purpose - that gives him the unique power to reflect the situations he experienced today on jmpx.org and on Transparaid in recordings and reports. 

In his long-term documentation “Traces of Hope”, he shows pictures and reports on what he saw and experienced on site. He focused on the positive aspects without blurring the horror of the war, which he witnessed first hand in the "Battle for Mosul". During his travels in the hotbeds of conflict around the world, Jo got to know some people and institutions, whom he describes as "100% dudes": No crap, no fuss, no gibberish - 100% help for the people on site. In exhibitions and lectures, he shows pictures and the stories behind them. Jo has always donated the income from these publications to these “100% dudes”.

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